Error: Initializing USER32.dll

John Pollock
Wed Nov 15 14:59:00 GMT 2000

here are a couple of things to ponder:

1) do the users in question have different levels of rights? (i.e. some are
admins and some are not)
2) One thing that may be different about the users might be their local or
roaming profiles.  Could it be that the new users are inheriting something
from the Default User profile that's causing a problem?  Or there's
something in the RUN key of HKCU?
3) What version of Exceed is this?  If i remember correctly, it's possible
to turn on some limited logging for the HCL Inetd daemon that controls
telnet, and that might reveal something.
4) What service pack of NT 4.0 are you running?
5) what is your CYGWIN environment variable set to?


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