included headers with mno-cygwin

Evan McLean
Wed Nov 15 14:16:00 GMT 2000

> > >         If you need to build a mingw c++ app then,  for now,
> > >         you would
> > > probably be better off downloading mingw-msvcrt distribution
> > > and then adding the g++ libs (g++-v3, as a general behavioural
> > > rule, works fine for mingw after you build and install the
> > > g++-v3 libs...
>         using mingw.)
>         Afaik, g++-v3 libs will not work for mingw if they have been
>built using cygwin1.dll (Cygwin).

You may also find the instructions under 
< > 
useful.  I set this up and it worked for me, although I haven't played with 
it since I downloaded and installed the new mingw packages via setup.exe, 
so I don't know if they corrected things or not.

Best bet would be to follow the exercises in the instructions above, and 
when you get to the C++ version of if it fails to link then 
install the extra bits it suggests.  (After using setup.exe to make sure 
your cygwin installation is up to date of course.)


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