mc box drawing characters mixed up

Town, Brad
Mon Nov 13 07:55:00 GMT 2000

	I submitted a patch for this behavior, but it hasn't yet been
applied (presumably because of either more pressing issues or an error
someone found).  If you'd like to apply and use them yourself, you can get
the patches at .
After applying the patches, run "tic terminfo" to update the terminfo
	FWIW, I've been running with the patches for some time now with no
trouble.  Aside from the improvements, the only noticeable change is that
the patches simulate underline by highlighting the background rather than
using cyan.  You can either (A) leave it as is, (B) tweak the termcap and
terminfo files to use cyan for underlining again, or (C) add a table of
colors to
	I've been thinking about making just such a table.  It could be used
to simulate highlighting for each foreground/background pair instead of
highlighting the background.  I haven't done it yet because I personally
like the bright-background thing.  :)

Brad Town

> From: J Augusto de Oliveira [ ]
> I like to run mc (midnight commander) in the console,
> but the screen looks horrible.
> It looks like:
> I poked around changing the TERM variable, but no
> luck.
> Any suggestions how to get this fixed ?
> PS in xterm or rxvt it looks ok.

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