serial programming HOWTO

Christopher Faylor
Sun Nov 12 19:41:00 GMT 2000

On Sun, Nov 12, 2000 at 11:37:19PM +0100, Frank Wagner wrote:
>Hello and thanks for the reply,
>> >From the linux man page:
>>        "The sa_restorer element is  obsolete  and  should  not  be
>>        used."
>> It's also not mentioned in the Single UNIX Specification.
>Means this that I can comment out that line with the sa_restorer

I assume so, yes.

>>>After that I tried to compile that example under Linux and got the
>>>follwing error message
>>>program.c: 39 incompatible types in assignment --dir=.
>>>that refers to the folloing line of the source:
>>>saio.sa_mask = 0;
>>>Why do I get a error message form an example that is written for linux?
>>Because cygwin is not linux?  The above use of saio.sa_mask is
>>incorrect.  You should be using sigemptyset() to clear the mask.  This
>>will also work on linux.
>But the serial programming HOWTO is witten for linux.  Did the author
>make a mistake in this case?

The author apparently used a nonportable construct.


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