long double support in cygwin

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Sun Nov 12 15:23:00 GMT 2000

> If your application uses a LGPL'ed shared library, as is the case
> with glibc, you don't need to include sources.

Yes if you mean "sources to your application", no if you mean "sources
to the shared library".  If your app uses a shared library which you
do not distribute, no sources.  If your app uses a shared library
which you *do* distribute, you need to include sources for the shared
library.  If your app statically links that library, you must include
sources *or* objects for your app, *and* sources for the library.

> Or, at least that is my understanding of section 6b of the LGPL.  If
> you have linked in components of the library into your application
> (i.e., cygwin) then you do.

In the case of glibc, linking with it as a shared library does *not*
include glibc in your program.  That is not the case with cygwin,
because part of cygwin *is* linked in with all programs, even though
cygwin1.dll is effectively a shared library for the LGPL.

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