long double support in cygwin

Stephen L Moshier moshier@mediaone.net
Sun Nov 12 14:34:00 GMT 2000

>   You never know if the FSF changed it, and if they did,
> their changes would be copyright themselves.  To do it right, you'd
> have to find the original sources that are being distributed in the
> public domain and copy those.

I still distribute the version that has the public domain notice, so
that would not seem to be a problem.

>  By releasing his code to the PD, Bowman has implicitly allowed the FSF to
> redistribute it under a more restrictive license.

I don't know whether Bowman did that with inline-math.h.

I did do that with the program I was offering to adapt for cygwin.
But it should not matter to you or me what anybody else does with it.

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