long double support in cygwin

Stephen L Moshier moshier@mediaone.net
Sun Nov 12 13:15:00 GMT 2000

>  we have to own what goes into newlib/cygwin or the
> licenses of the source has to allow distribution of binaries without
> source code so that cygwin1.dll is encumbered.

In Bowman's case the library *is* source code, since the whole thing
is a text header file.  I don't see how your legal question would
apply to inline-math.h.

For my own part, I think that anyone can go to the internet and pick
up the original source code, so the question is not a vitally
important issue any more.  It does not bother me that people
distribute such library binaries without source code.  I probably
would not be inclined to assign free software to Red Hat, though,
because Red Hat is a commercial company.

> I again suggest that you take this discussion to the newlib mailing
> list.

OK, the inquiry has been redirected to newlib.

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