serial programming HOWTO

Frank Wagner
Sun Nov 12 12:26:00 GMT 2000


I encountered something confusing.
This part of c-sourccode is from the asynchronous input example included
in the serial programming HOWTO document:

 /* install the signal handler before making the device asynchronous */
 saio.sa_handler = signal_handler_IO;
 saio.sa_mask = 0;
 saio.sa_flags = 0;
 saio.sa_restorer = NULL;

I tried to compile this example under Win95 with cygwin and got the
following error:

  ! program.c:41: structure has no member named `sa_restorer'

OK. There was no declaration of "sa_restorer" in the file /sys/signal.h.

After that I tried to compile that example under Linux and got the
follwing error message

program.c: 39 incompatible types in assignment --dir=.

that refers to the folloing line of the source:

 saio.sa_mask = 0;

Why do I get a error message form an example that is written for linux?

Can someone help me?
I'm very confused.

With regards


Frank Wagner
Registered Linux User 146442

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