cygwin 1.1.5-7 fixed cvs/ssh problem

Richard Kim
Sat Nov 11 20:01:00 GMT 2000

This is to thank the good people at Cygnus/Redhat and on this mailing
list for fixing a serious bug which prevented me from using cvs/ssh
for several days.

I've been using cvs with ssh on emacs for several months now.
Unfortunately, something got broken in cygwin (I believe) in one of
the earlier 1.1.5 releases so that I could not run cvs at all over
ssh. My setup is

     Windows 2000 is the cvs client
     GNU Emacs 20.7 on Windows 2000
     latest cygwin including cvs and ssh
     pcl-cvs 2.9.9 (emacs-lisp package)
     Debian GNU/Linux cvs server

Cygwin 1.1.5-7 release fixed the problem.
Now I can go back to using emacs rather than wincvs!
Thank you very much.

For those interested, the problem was that cvs always returned saying
that ".../var/cvs/^M" could not be opened, i.e., a carriage-return was
somehow not stripped in the cvs command.

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