'find' quirkiness

Schaible, Joerg Joerg.Schaible@gft.com
Thu Nov 9 03:12:00 GMT 2000

Hi Tom,

on my NT4 box the command works as expected. May be you post the output of a
"cygchack -s -r -v".

> 	Actually, Jörg, I did try that first, unfortunately to 
> no avail.  A
> `find /cygdrive/c -print` returned the same unexpected 
> results as `find
> c: -print`.  Likewise, `find /cygdrive/c/winnt -print` yields the same
> expected results as `find c:/winnt -print`.  And it doesn't 
> seem to care
> if I include a trailing '/' after any of these paths to be searched.


> 	Oh, and on a sidenote, I've noticed in the FAQ that it 
> says that the
> "which" command is not available with cygwin.

BTW: My which solution is an alias using type -p

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