Using Cygwin with Windows 2000

Ed Bradford/Raleigh/IBM
Tue Nov 7 10:57:00 GMT 2000

I am no expert on this issue, but, ...

I have ported one big thing and lots of little things. I have also built a
number of GNU utilities on Win2K. Gernally, if it
compiles with gcc on Linux, it will compile on CYGWIN gcc. Most of the
utilities I have compiled and run on CYGWIN have
already been configured to compile on CYGWIN (the configure shell script
knows about CYGWIN). You will have to deal
with  some incompatibilities (CR-LF versus LF, forward slash versus
backslash) even though CYGWIN minimizes these issues.
Also, if the program is performance intensive, you might want to write a
few test programs excercising those API's of most
interest to find out if the performance will be an issue.

XaoS (Real Time Fractal Zoomer) seems to perform quite acceptably compiled
with CYGWIN gcc. The resulting performance seems
indistinguishable from a Microsoft cl.exe compiled XaoS.exe (I have done
both). Finally, the same source code compiles and runs on
Linux. So unless your app is truely performance critical, CYGWIN might be
your best bet.

Ed Bradford

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At 03:10 AM 11/7/2000, Marco Pettinella wrote:

>Hi everybody.
>I'm going to start the porting of a Unix application to Windows NT/2000,
and I
>decided to use
>Cygwin. This porting will consist of two phases:
>1) Porting from Unix (POSIX) to NT (using cygwin)
>2) Porting to Windows 2000 (using ???)
>I've got a very simple question: does anybody have experienced Cygwin
>(DLL & commands/tools) in a Windows 2000 environment?
>If the answer is yes, does anybody know if the next stable release
(planned for
>early 2001) will
>support this operating system?
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Marco Pettinella

I've been using Cygwin on W2K for 6 months now.  I know others on this list
have been using it for longer.  I have minimal experience in porting
from UNIX to Windows platforms but I see no reason why Cygwin would address
this any worse (or perhaps better!;-)) for W2K than NT.  Is that your

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