mail problems

Tim Prince
Sun Nov 5 19:41:00 GMT 2000

I didn't mean to accuse cygwin or redhat of being involved with disappearing
messages.  It usually happens, and not only with cygwin, when I use a web
browser mailer interface in order to avoid using my e-mail account at my
employer and having to burden it with a long disclaimer, or to get around
the times when cygwin's spam blocker won't allow my ISP's to get through.  I
mentioned it only to agree with the point that it may be difficult to know
when a message has to be sent again.
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Subject: Re: mail problems
> If you would like to track down the problem with email disappearing,
> send mail to, the next time that it
> happens with as much information about the message (time, date, subject,
> email address, etc.) as you can provide.  I guess it is not obvious
> that we will track down problems with our mailing lists if people
> provide details that enable us to look into the problems.
> cgf

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