NTSEC, passwd/group, and "544"

Masterson, Dave dmasters@rational.com
Sun Nov 5 14:45:00 GMT 2000

I'm trying to setup the NTSEC feature on Cygwin 1.1 and running into strange
problems.  With NTSEC turned off, the output of "ls -l .bashrc" looks like

-rwxr-xr-x   1 dmasters dev           359 Nov  5 13:47 .bashrc*

With NTSEC turned on, it looks like this:

-rwx------   1 544      dev           359 Nov  5 13:47 .bashrc*

I've created /etc/passwd with "mkpasswd -l -d" and /etc/group with "mkgroup
-l -d".  The only "544" I can find is the "Administrators" group in
/etc/group.  There is a "dmasters" account in /etc/passwd, but it looks


What am I missing?

BTW, mkpasswd and mkgroup did not make the "root" account/group described


David Masterson
*	Rational Software
*	18880 Homestead Rd.
*	Cupertino, CA  95014
*	(408) 863-5150
*	dmasters@rational.com

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