mail problems
Sun Nov 5 04:55:00 GMT 2000

> Do you intend to write this mail in some more copies > or do you think
> four is enough?

As I said in previous emails, my email provider for the last year has "upgraded", and been placed on a spam list. I have written emails to customer service to get them removed from the spam list, but haven't heard back (then again maybe they wrote me but I didn't receive them)

I have to cut and paste between different email accounts, in order to send anything to cygwin.

Something odd happend while composing the message, and I thought the first message didn't get through (which is why the headers are different) I don't know how the first message got duped 3 times.

Deja is improving a little bit, I received all 4 copies of the message :)  In the past incomeing mail has disappeared.

Does anybody have any recomendations on a good email provider, prefferably free?

Thanks in Advance,

Clark Sims

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