test report on ver 1.1.5-4

Chris Abbey cabbey@bresnanlink.net
Sat Nov 4 11:57:00 GMT 2000

At 20:14 11/4/00 +0100, stefan wrote:
>I forgot: All this contribution/assign thingies are far to complicated for
>me as a programmer. It makes it unnecessarily delay. As I concluded from
>what i read RedHat is the owner of the cygwin1.dll ? So why is there a
>"net community" helping so much ???

yeah, kinda makes your head hurt doesn't it. :(

Here's why I (and a few others that I know) try to do what little we can
to help the project: even though RedHat owns it, they've made a commitment
to the community and have not (to my knowledge yet anyway) broken that
commitment, and it is a project that makes our jobs and our lives easier,
saner, and just plain better so it is also in *our* best interest to make
Cygwin whole and viable; because the options are thin and few, we have to
use Windows for some reason, but that doesn't mean we have to like it, and
it doesn't mean we have to suffer through it; sure we could pick up a
commercial product like (shudder) MKS or GNUPro - and if we're working on
a major commercial application we will, but fiscally that isn't always an

now the forces of openness
     have a powerful and
     unexpected new ally

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