test report on ver 1.1.5-4

stefan stefan@lkcc.org
Sat Nov 4 11:18:00 GMT 2000

On Sat, 4 Nov 2000, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> stefan wrote:
> >  * the ifconf interface is still a bit buggy:
> >    LAPTOP ~/serveez-0.0.19/src> ./serveez.exe -i
> >    --- list of local interfaces you can start ip services on ---
> >                                      lo0:
> >                                     ppp0:
> >                                     eth0:
> >    The latter two ip addresses or interfaces must be swapped.
> I'm surprised. I checked that on two different 9X systems.
> Could you try to figure out why this happens on your system?

What do i need to do then ? Do i have to check the sources or would a
registry tree be enough to catch the bug ?

> >  * The FD_ZERO() macro produces the following statement:
> >    warning: comparison between signed and unsigned
> I tried that with an old and the current definition and
> I compiled with -Wall. I couldn't reproduce that warning.

The code was compiled via -ansi and -pedantic...

> >  * I could provide my native Win32 port for the following
> >    functions which are not yet part of cygwin:
> >    - strptime
> >    - stpcpy
> >    - inet_aton
> >    If you are interested in it, please tell me...
> Interested? Of course. Unfortunately, if you are interested in
> contributing code to Cygwin of significant size you will have to
> sign over the copyright of your code changes to RedHat. Please
> read the following text:
> 	http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/contrib.html
> I hope this will not discourage you. I have signed the assignment
> form two years ago as a net contributor as well and I'm today still
> alive and well ;-)

I do not have the "copyright" because the original code is from FSF's
glibc and i just modified it to "fit". I read the contribution: Now I know
the difference between OpenSource and Copyleft. I actually do not own the
code i wrote but modified free code. I can "sign over" the "copyleft" to
FSF. Is that what you want ? If so, I'd like to do so and send you what i

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