test report on ver 1.1.5-4

Christian Jullien eligis@wanadoo.fr
Sat Nov 4 09:29:00 GMT 2000

>  * The FD_ZERO() macro produces the following statement:
>    warning: comparison between signed and unsigned

In my previous mail 'PROPOSED FIX to remove warning in 1.1.5-3 sys/types.h'

I found exactly the same warning and propose a solution. Maybe -ansi or
even -pedantic will raise that warning.

Here is a copy of my previous mail.

--- copy ---

#  define	FD_ZERO(p)	(__extension__ (void)({ \
     int i; \
     char *__tmp = (char *)p; \
     for (i = 0; i < sizeof (*(p)); ++i) \
       *__tmp++ = 0; \

raise a new warning 'signed unsigned comparison'
I suggest to replace
int i;
with unsigned int i;

A better solution should be to include stddef (for size_t) and have:
size_t i;
which is the type returned by sizeof.

But, unless I'm totaly wrong, the fastest solution is to use memset that
will be expanded inline with assembly code. Right?

Christian Jullien

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