Can't get rlogin,ftp or telnet to connect

john ware
Fri Nov 3 05:55:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,
    When I try to use any of the above I get: Connection refused. Telnet
is slightly different, it connects then reports that: connection closed
by foreign host.
I'm just trying to connect to the host I'm running on because I
currently don't have a net to try it on.  I assume the results would be
the same if I had cygwin on another host.

I've read the inetd-1.3.2.README and login.README and done what they
say(I think).

I'm using win2k and the  latest cygwin from about 2 weeks ago.

I created a nt user for ftp and /home/ftp directory exists.
I've attached my passwd and the output of cygcheck.

any help would be gladly received

john ware

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