AW: AW: Starting Programms in the background

Bjoern Kahl AG Resy
Thu Nov 2 23:47:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 2 Nov 2000, Mike Ayers wrote:

> This may sound like a stupid question, but have you tried simply
> "winword <filename>"?  I believe that Word uses CreateProcess to spawn
> its own master process (WinMain()), so you shouldn't need to background
> it.  In fact, it may be the process launcher (main()) that you're
> hanging in the background.  If you try "winword <filename>" from
> cmd.exe, then you can exit cmd.exe while Word is still running, so it
> may work from bash, too.
> I just tried this with notepad and wordpad, and both detach from
> cmd.exe but not from bash, so this may not work, but it's still worth a
> try...

 Does not work here too.
 Tried it in bash with and w/o "nohup" and "&"
 After Ctrl-D, bash exits, but the window remains open.


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