libtiff.dll libjpeg.dll libz.dll libpng.dll not found

Robinow, David
Thu Nov 2 09:32:00 GMT 2000

Reposting (just to cygwin) under a different subject to make it
easier to search the archives, since this problem is likely to
show up with other binaries.
 Thanks for explaining this so well, Chuck.

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> From: Charles S. Wilson [ ]
> Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2000 12:07 PM
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> Subject: DLL problems with cygwin XEmacs binary kit
> The XEmacs-21.1.12 binary kit for cygwin, available from
> or its mirrors, was compiled to use the 'old'
> cygwin dlls for libtiff, libjpeg, and libz.  Thus, if your system uses
> the latest cygwin versions of these packages, XEmacs will not work and
> will fail with the following message:
> Dynamic library "libtiff.dll" not found
> or something similar.  To correct this, one can either 
> rebuild XEmacs to
> link with the new dlls (*), OR you may download the following 'patch
> kit' which contains the old dlls:

(*) The dll names have changed; that is OLD=libtiff.dll
NEW=cygtiff3.dll.  However, the import lib remains the same:
libtiff.dll.a.  Thus, there are no changes needed in the XEmacs source
to link with the "new" dll's: -ltiff will use (the new) libtiff.dll.a,
which in turn causes cygtiff3.dll to be added as a dependency.

To install the 'patch kit', cd to /usr/bin and unpack it:

cd /usr/bin
tar xvzf <path>/old-dlls.tar.gz

I do NOT recommend this for long-term use -- the point of changing the
dll names was to avoid conflicts with native dlls with the same name;
adding the old-dlls back in on a permanent basis just makes it that much
worse.  Eventually another binary kit (21.1.13?) will come out and if it
is built on an "up-to-date" cygwin it will use the new dlls.  So, this
fix is just a temporary necessity -- and only required if you use the
binary kit for cygwin-XEmacs-21.1.12.


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