Couldn't send signal 14: part 2

Boris Gjenero
Thu Nov 2 06:38:00 GMT 2000

I reallize that my previous post about this may not have been too useful
because the problem was with a large, newly-ported application and I was
running with a modified Cygwin.   Now I performed an experiment that should
clear up some things.

I compiled cou_svc from the Windows port of ONC RPC
( ) on cygwin using
libnsl from flick-2.1 (see ).  cou_svc is
a simple demonstration/test RPC server program.  I just modified it so that
it gets SIGALRM (yes, signal 14) every second.  I ran the program with a
totally normal, non-modified copy of Cygwin 1.1.4.

After a few minutes cou_svc died with:
C:\cygwin\home\administrator\sig14\cou\cou_svc.exe: *** couldn't send signal

I think this narrows things down a bit.

BTW.  Yeah, my last subject line was wrong.  It is signal 14 and not 13.

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