Building Cygwin-hosted cross compilers for Linux/Solaris?

Dario Alcocer
Wed Nov 1 18:49:00 GMT 2000

I was hoping I could get some pointers before I embark on building a
couple of cross compilers that will run on Cygwin 1.0.  I need to be
able to build cross compilers for both i386-pc-linux and
i386-sun-solaris (please, *don't* ask why...)

I found the following text file written by Mumit Kahn:

Does anyone know if I'll run into problems with applying this
procedure using Cygwin 1.0?

As far as the Solaris cross compiler, I understand that I'll need to
grab the include files and libc.a from a Solaris/x86 box in order to
build it.  What other things should I watch out for?

Thanks in advance for any information provided.


Dario Alcocer //

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