couldn't send signal 13

Boris Gjenero
Wed Nov 1 13:15:00 GMT 2000

My NFS server sometimes dies with:
C:\nfscygwin\bin\rpc.nfsd.exe: *** couldn't send signal 14

According to /usr/include/sys/signal.h, signal 14 is SIGALRM.  This signal
is used by the NFS server for flusing a cache, and it is called normally
every 5 seconds or at most every 2 seconds in certain conditions.  So it
seems it must work most of the time.  It's just that once in a while the
signal can't be sent for some reason.

I'm wondering is the bug in the NFS server or in Cygwin 1.1.4.  The Cygwin
I'm using has some modifications in the file attribute handling parts, so I
guess that could be to blame too.

I've tried to understand what is going on.  It seems that the only place
that could be printing that message is interrupt_on_return in
winsup/cygwin/   Apparently, the function searches through the
last 32 stack frames looking for an interruptible function, and if it finds
one it makes the signal happen when a return into that function happens.  If
this fails then either the stack is corrupted or the last 32 stack frames
are all for non-interruptible functions or perhaps more likely one
non-interruptible recursive function.  Have I got this right?  It's kind of

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