Cygwin windows GUI version of gvim.

Evan McLean
Wed Nov 1 12:19:00 GMT 2000

At 02:59 PM 1/11/2000 +0300, Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
> >
> > Had a quick blitz through the vimdev archive on egroups, as well as
> > news:comp.editors using deja and didn't see anything especial on either.
> >
> ??

The mailing lists at are hosted by egroups (or at least the 
archives are).  (Or maybe I blitzed a bit too quickly. :-)  I'll have 
another poke around before I get started.)

>Umm ... cygwin comes with 5.7 (I think) and current VIM development - 
>quite stable if you do not use new features - is 6.0. Probably, it makes 
>sense to look at this one. Or you end up porting it two times :))

Yeah, already considered that.  I'll probably grab the 5.7 source first and 
try compiling unmodified first to make sure that stage works before trying 
to change anything.  Then look at the 6.0 sources after that.

Thanks for the pointers.

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