Setup 2.24 - sometimes silently downgrades versions

DJ Delorie
Wed Nov 1 06:57:00 GMT 2000

> ash    20001012 -> 20000823
> binutils 20001029-1 -> 20000722-1
> termcap 20001020-1 -> 20000630

A few setup problems indicated here:

1. If a change is the default, it should be on the short list.
2. Since the listed test version was installed, that should be the default.
3. setup.ini has a [prev] but no [curr] - if you have a prev and test
   with no curr, which should be installed?

> So, even if I select "keep" for both cygwin and gcc in partial display, setup
> still installs (downgrade) other three packages. I attach setup.ini,
> setup.log.full and installed.db.

Thanks!  That helped.  I'll have to try it on my machine to be sure, though,
as it kinda looks like setup wanted to keep the previous version installed,
which doesn't correlate to your installed.db.

> Note, also, that there is no "test version" indication in setup list (where
> this `x' is expected to be?)

It's supposed to be appended to the version number, like "20001012 (x)".
Might be yet another bug.

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