Possible to grab snapshot to kick-start CVS copy?

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Wed Nov 1 04:23:00 GMT 2000

Evan McLean wrote:
> Hi,
> Was wondering if having downloaded a snapshot and untared it, is it then
> possible to use this as my cvs copy (after doing a cvs login of course).
> Or am I better off just doing the cvs checkout from scratch.

Usually. The snapshots are missing the CVS subdirectories so you
cant do a simple `cvs diff' or `cvs update' on the repository.

> Just thought downloading the snapshot might be quicker and use less
> bandwidth.  I am familiar with using cvs.

Are you talking about Cygwin? Or about vim?

If it's Cygwin, take a look onto



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