Cygwin windows GUI version of gvim.

Andrej Borsenkow
Wed Nov 1 03:59:00 GMT 2000

> Had a quick blitz through the vimdev archive on egroups, as well as
> news:comp.editors using deja and didn't see anything especial on either.
> ??

> Anyway, I'll download the source tar from a cygwin mirror sometime in the
> next few days and see what I can do with it, unless any new information
> arises in the meantime.

Umm ... cygwin comes with 5.7 (I think) and current VIM development - quite
stable if you do not use new features - is 6.0. Probably, it makes sense to
look at this one. Or you end up porting it two times :))

best luck


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