bash slow in telnet sessions

Christoph Bugel
Fri Mar 31 02:03:00 GMT 2000

commands typed from the bash prompt (such as ls or cat) sometimes take
more that 20 seconds before they return if I am logged into NT by
telnet, whereas typing them directly onto the NT bash console works
normally fast. (well, it could be faster there too, but these 20 seconds
are clearly a telnet issue)
I noticed that builtin commands (echo) are fast as usual. fist I
suspected I had a too-large search PATH, but then it should also have
been slow when type directly onto the NT console window.

has anyone experienced this? how could I track down the problem?

my setup is like this:
Linux desktop from where I telnet into NT4 (don't wanna touch those
directly! yuck!)
NT4 box with cygwin-b20, and the micro$oft 'services for unix' package
(free download these days) as telnet server on NT.
I have experienced these delays on 2 different NT boxes, and even with
some other commercial telnet server I once tried.
I noticed discussions on this list about inetd and telnetd. havent tried
those yet (do I have to compile them or do they come with some cygwin
also, IIRC the cygwin commands are slow, even when typed from cmd.exe.
tips are greatly appreciated. 
thanks, Christoph.

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