Bash 2.04 patch 2 now available
Thu Mar 30 19:40:00 GMT 2000

Bash 2.04 patch 2 is now available on

This release contains fixes to the following

1) If you source a file containing the line
test ${9:?'generating a fatal error.'}
instead of outputing "generating a fatal
error", and exiting for non-interactive shells,
the shell will exit wether the shell is
interactive or not. This has been fixed. The
shell no longer wrongly exits.

2)The +(pattern) operator does not work in all
string modifying parameter expansions. It works
in ${parameter##word} but not
${parameter/pattern/string}. This is seen in the
following example:
>       RN=00970
>       echo ${RN##+(0)}
>       => 970
>       echo ${RN/+(0)}
>       => 00970
Both echo statements should produce identical
output. This has also been fixed.

Your feedback is very welcome!

You may also notice I no longer have bz2 files
on that site, as too many people have reported
errors when transferring with Netscape. Those
who have been affected, please accept my

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