questions about kernel source headers
Thu Mar 30 17:17:00 GMT 2000

DJ Delorie writes:
> > CIPE uses kernel headers (usr/src/linux/include) in its code. How do
> > I integrate the cygwin headers with the kernel headers?
> In general, you don't.  The parts of CIPE that use linux-specific
> headers will need to be investigated to determine how to re-implement
> those portions in a cygwin-specific way.  You usually can't just use
> headers from other platforms and expect it to work.

If I remember correctly, CIPE uses the networking headers to construct
its UDP packets. I can see CIPE being a bit of a big task to port; it's
a network driver, which means some of it has to run in kernel space. It
also means you have to create and bring up a network interface - which
may be tricky in Windows. In short, this is not going to be fun.

You may be far better off looking at a purely user-space tool like vtund,
which I've used on Unix. However, I still don't know how you'd cope with
bringing up what's essentially a PPP interface.


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