Cygwin snapshots (was: Re: PLEASE help with V1.0 canonical mode problem

DJ Delorie
Tue Mar 28 12:55:00 GMT 2000

> I take that to mean "don't use a snapshot in place of the release
> unless you have a good reason", like comm support, ntsec, etc.
> Sorta common sense, I think...

The wording is designed for people who don't have common sense.  We
don't worry about the ones that do.

> What does it mean to "support" the CD anyway?

In the case of the Cygwin CD, it means that we help you (via email or
phone to one of our support people, not via this mailing list) get the
software installed and running.  It also means that the code base is
more stable than average.

> I'm not too familiar with Cygwin development... is there a ChangeLog
> file?


> What about a "cygwin-patches" list?

Yes, but only recently, when we moved development to CVS on

> Do Cygwin developers use regression testing?  Is there are test suite
> available?

We only recently added the ability to run a testsuite against cygwin
(it's in winsup/cygwin/testsuite) but so far nobody has contributed
any tests.

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