PLEASE help with V1.0 canonical mode problem

James Grishaw
Tue Mar 28 10:39:00 GMT 2000

>>I notice that if I use a later snapshot version of cygwin1.dll, the
>>disappears.  Is there a snapshot version of cygwin1.dll that Cygnus
>>is pretty stable that I could be using to get around this bug?
>The "later snapshot" is the correct fix for the problem.  What, exactly,
>wrong with using a snapshot?


    I guess the notes that Cygnus includes on the snapshot web page summarize
my concerns:

" These snapshots have not been tested. These are automatically built
and packaged each night. The only guarantee is that it built on my
machine (there is no snapshot if the build fails). "


" Cygwin snapshots are intended for cygwin developers only unless you
 have been specifically told to try one of these. "

Chris, I trying to set up some folks at Agilent (formerly HP) with some
software running under Cygwin.  We are currently in the alpha testing
stage.  If this works out it could potentially roll out to a much larger
number of users, and these by and large are NOT programmer types.  It
is going
to be very inconvenient to not be able backspace over type-o's while
running ftp in an xterm.  Also, there are a number of shell scripts that
prompt for user input (using bash's "read" built-in) where the same
problem occurs.

We all bought the CD with the idea that (a) it had undergone testing
assure that it is stable and bug-free, and (b) people that bought the
CD would be given at least a little preference when it came to support.

I would very much like this to turn out to be a positive experience for
everyone.  Can you please pass this e-mail on to the engineer that fixed
the canonical mode problem and ask him to see if he can work out a patch
for V1.0?

I'm even willing to donate engineering time to the task.  If you can't
the above, can you at least have him send me an e-mail pointing me in
the right direction so I can do it myself?  I volunteer to supply you
my work when I am done.

Many thanks for your consideration,

Jim Grishaw.

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