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Craig Stevenson craig_stevenson_of_socorro@yahoo.com
Tue Mar 28 10:37:00 GMT 2000


I have some test code I am trying to get to work on
cygwin.  There are two toy dlls, called A and B, and A
uses B.  B does not use anything special.

In the app main uses dlopen() and dlsym() on B without
any problems.  The same procedure on A generates a
problem in that it needs B and cannot seem to load it.
 If I manually load B before A it will execute
correctly with a Warning about failing to load A on
stderr.  If I don't load it first it will fail out
totally with a Win32 error about inability to load a

Figuring windows dll's are stupid, I put a dlopen call
to B in A's _dll_init() function.  But this did not
work either.

I am using the straight 20.1 version cygwin.  I have
the latest snapshot and am attempting to compile
*-src-* (which just failed).  Sigh...

Is this known behavior??  What is the straightforward
way to deal with dll dependencies in the context of
manually calling dlopen()??


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