i386-rtemself-gasp cann't correctly handle comment line?

bi_guo bi_guo@yahoo.com
Tue Mar 28 01:46:00 GMT 2000

Hi,folks!I've completely built a corss gcc compiler on windows NT with cygwin20.1.But I compile ASM file with i386-rtemself-as.An error always occur.The reason is that i386-rtemself-gasp cann't correctly handle comment line.My ASM file is shown as follows:
 * begin

	.align 4
globl main
	.type	 main,@function
	pushl %ebp
	movl %esp,%ebp
	subl $24,%esp
	movl $1,-4(%ebp)
	addl $10,-4(%ebp)
	jmp .L2
  The error place is comment line.If I change it as "/* begin */" or "# begin",this file is successfully compiled.Why?Anyone can help me?

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