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Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Mon Mar 27 14:23:00 GMT 2000

andrew brown [andy@toon.fsbusiness.co.uk] wrote:

>    I'm new to the cygnus and have a couple of questions. Is there a editor
>available with cygwin, something like vi which is available with unix. Also

There is vi, there also is emacs.

For vim, have a look at

   - package availability
     - on ftp.franken.de
     - in /pub/win32/develop/gnuwin32/cygwin/porters/Hirmke_Michael/1.0
     - or vim-5.5-cygwin-1.0-without-gui-bin.tar.gz
     - or vim-5.5-cygwin-1.0-without-gui-bin.zip

>is there a document i can reference anywhere that will explain what the
>parameters for the chmod command represent ??

man chmod

You have to install man, less, ncurses and groff for this one to work,

For these one you can look at

>Aby information on these questions would be much appreciated.
>Andrew Brown

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