about the id -Gn

Frederic Lorrain Frederic.Lorrain@cnen.de.edf.fr
Mon Mar 27 07:29:00 GMT 2000

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Neither with b20.1 nor with 1.0
> But it's already possible with the developer snapshots and so
> it will be possible in the next net release (1.1.0), too.
> Please note that the _real_ security settings are managed
> by NT/W2K. The insertion of supplementary groups in /etc/groups
> is only a help/hint for you. There's no command `newgroup' and
> there's no need for it in NT/W2K.
> Corinna

Thank you for replying so quickly

Actually, any NT4.0 users may have several groups. So, why does the
command "mkgroup" extract only the primary group of each user ?

Even if the group file is modified manually to add complementary group
to users, the
command "Id -Gn" does not return all groups.

To resolve this problem we intend to rewrite the "groups" command. Is
there a best
solution ?

Best regards

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