B20: serial ports status?

Andy Hare ahare@btinternet.com
Sun Mar 26 12:42:00 GMT 2000

This problem shows itself to be in the select() function call within the
serial_read code. I am currently trying to find and fix this problem but I
may be sometime as it has to fit in with my MSc studies and with getting
married in the summer, both of which suck most of my free time away.

I am using angel/ARM with a Atmel EB01 under NT and using Insight to drive
it. The problem only appears to affect the single stepping modes as the run
and continue modes do appear to function, but there is not as much comms
going on at this point.

Andy Hare

http://www.ahare.btinternet.co.uk for Atmel ARM tools

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> On Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 11:00:26AM +0100, Rene.Affourtit@pemstar.nl wrote:
> >In november 1998 there was a question regarding "gdb serial
> >cross-debugging" (
> > http://sourceware.cygnus.com/ml/cygwin/1998-11/msg00297.html )
> >
> >1:  Has anyone succesfully talked to the arm-Angel using a serial line
> >using b20? If so what version of gdb /angel did you use?
> Serial I/O in b20 is broken.
> >2: Have these problems been solved  in any of the snapshots? if so which
> >one?
> There is apparently a problem with an interaction between the arm-Angel
> and cygwin.  It is strange in that no other targets are reported to be
> affected.  This is true of recent snapshots, also.
> Sorry.  I would like to have someone debug and fix this problem but the
> current state is that there is no fix.  Well... actually someone here
> did create a DLL that seemed to work around the problem but I don't think
> that it actually solved anything.  They just compiled the cygwin select.cc
> file with -g rather than with "-O2 -g".
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