runtime error

Andrew M. Neiderer
Fri Mar 24 04:35:00 GMT 2000

I have a C++ program which runs fine on our SGIs around here using GNU
C++ (gcc).
However when I run it on my PC (a Dell, NT4.0) using Cygwin B20.1 port,
I get "zeroes"
instead of the actual data; it compiles fine and runs to completion but
doesn't correctly
get the data.  Do I need to use some kind of flag when compiling to
physical memory; the size of my array is 1201 x 601.

This may not be a clear description of my problem.  I will send code if
that would be easier.
I think it would only take a few minutes for someone there to figure out
my problem.

Thank you.

- Andrew M. Neiderer (
   US Army Research Lab

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