title bar in windows 98 Cygwin

Paul Sokolovsky paul-ml@is.lg.ua
Fri Mar 24 04:02:00 GMT 2000

Hello Salman,

Halim, Salman <salman@bluestone.com> wrote:

HS> hi,

HS> another hopefully simple scenario:  the title bar in my bash window on
HS> windows 98 keeps changing to reflect the currently running process.  if i
HS> set up my PS1 variable to contain the results of a few commands (such as
HS> date) it does it every time i press enter.  i'm not sure, but i think this
HS> might be affecting the performance somewhat -- i say this because i have the
HS> same prompt on windows nt where it DOESN'T do that to the title bar and
HS> things proceed more quickly (the windows 98 box is more powerful!).

    Nope, you're wrong - it's system itself who set titlebar.

HS> finally, the question:  is there any way to disable the title bar from
HS> changing?

    Yes, setting it manually to the same value everytime. But *that*
will affect performance - you'll lose some microseconds, I guess.

HS> thank you all again for your help!

    What I wrote true at least for win9x.

Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist

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