title bar in windows 98 Cygwin

Halim, Salman salman@bluestone.com
Thu Mar 23 05:47:00 GMT 2000


another hopefully simple scenario:  the title bar in my bash window on
windows 98 keeps changing to reflect the currently running process.  if i
set up my PS1 variable to contain the results of a few commands (such as
date) it does it every time i press enter.  i'm not sure, but i think this
might be affecting the performance somewhat -- i say this because i have the
same prompt on windows nt where it DOESN'T do that to the title bar and
things proceed more quickly (the windows 98 box is more powerful!).

finally, the question:  is there any way to disable the title bar from

thank you all again for your help!

   Salman Halim                 Email:  salman@bluestone.com
   If a  man says something  in a  forest, and there  are no
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