Greetings form Mumbai
Wed Mar 22 20:32:00 GMT 2000

Dear Friend,

I got to know you  from .
Let me introduce myself:  my name is Eugene Bylinin , 
I'm from Boston, U.S.A. and I've been living in Mumbai 
for  the last 3 months with my wife Luciana from Brazil. 
We are having great time here and still can not believe 
that most of our dreams are coming true: to come to India 
was always something that both of us wanted to do and 
thanks to our business we made it reality!

The reason we came to India is that our company just opened here,
 and we are looking for some dynamic and entrepreneurial people 
for expansion of our business. Let me give you a few facts:

-just opened in India and now $1 million dollars in sales PER WEEK here!
-fastest growing company in the world in nutrition and weight-loss industry
-unique herbal-based products approved in 46 countries
-over 20 years on the market
-$1.7 Billion dollars in sales in 1999
-30+  million documented satisfied customers world-wide

Indian market has been enormously receptive to our products and services;
 average beginning income potential with us exceeds Rs 20,000 part time 
and well over Rs 60,000 full time PER MONTH. Consider some of our Indian 
colleagues from very different backgrounds: 

Kashmira P. - recent graduate, started with us part time while looking for 
a full time job and made profit of Rs 18,000 her first month, almost 3 times 
the salary she was qualified  for in her own profession!

Kumar K.S. - restaurant manager with over 15 years of experience and Rs 15,000
per month salary; started with us part-time and earned over Rs 15,000 extra 
first month and Rs 77,062 the following month, still part-time!

Updesh M. -  marketing specialist; started part time and made over Rs 50,000
first month and over Rs 1 lakh the following month!

Our corporate plan is to reach $1 Billion dollars per year in sales here in India
within the next 3 years - 73% of that will go to all of us who develop the 
Indian market. 
We provide personal, hands on trainings (EXPERIENCE IS NOT NECESSARY).
To get extra income working part time, or to build a new and exciting 
career that will provide you unlimited income, financial independence 
and freedom, fill out the  following form that will help me to contact
you with the appropriate details:

This is a ground-floor opportunity and the right time is NOW.

Best Regards,
Eugene & Luciana
HBL Global Expansion Team Members

P.S. If you are one of those fortunate who is completely satisfied 
with what you already have, please pass my e-mail to those friends 
who are looking for a new opportunity:

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