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Earnie Boyd earnie_boyd@yahoo.com
Wed Mar 22 10:08:00 GMT 2000

--- Kirth <kirth@hole.org> wrote:
> ahh right that fixed it, mind you im not getting undefined reference's
> to thinks like mysql_init .. theres are definitly part of the mysqlclient
> lib. I had thought to compilie mysql myself, however it gives a few hundred
> errors, so that was no go.

Hmm... I believe I remember a post that mysql had been ported to Cygwin. Check
the archives and the ported packages information on the Cygwin pages at

> Any suggestions ? ive tried the library that comes with mysql for windows,
> the one from the extra mysqlclients package, and even copying across
> my linux library, all give roughly the same undefined reference's.

I wasn't aware that you were using a M$ built library.  Anders Norlander has a
program he's called pexports which is able to read a dll if you have the
headers and create a def file so that you can create an import library.  You
can find pexports at his URL of
http://www.acc.umu.se/~anorland/gnu-win32/index.html .

The caveat to this is that the Non-Cygwin mysql.dll won't understand the Cygwin
mounted paths.

Good Luck,

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