How soon will cyg compile via gcc ?

Mumit Khan khan@NanoTech.Wisc.EDU
Tue Mar 21 21:02:00 GMT 2000

"Andrew G. Tereschenko [home]" <> writes:
> How about fix wrong source in cvs ? 
> In function `long long int get_ll(union LARGE_INTEGER *)'
> `union _LARGE_INTEGER' has no member named `HighPart'
> `union _LARGE_INTEGER' has no member named `LowPart'
> I have several files with this error ... How about write _STRUCT_NAME(u.) ? [
> or u.] 

What CVS source do you have? What compiler do you have? You need to have
gcc-2.95.2 to handle anonymous unions.

Check the following output: 

  $ make VERBOSE=yes

and post what you get to the cygwin-developers list (*not* here). Before 
you do that however, make sure your CVS tree is up-to-date.

> Also how about this craizy lines :
>   BOOL (WINAPI *gdfse) (LPCSTR, long long *, long long *, long long *) =
>     (BOOL (WINAPI *) (LPCSTR, long long *, long long *, long long *))
>       GetProcAddress (k32, "GetDiskFreeSpaceExA");
> Something wrong in them ... Nobody in my firm still can't find solution for t
> his puzzle ;o)

Looks fine to me. What is this puzzle exactly?

> P.S> Hmm ...Possibly i'm dummy - but how soon i will be able to to compile cy
> gwin via cygwin (gcc 2.9.2 under cygwin ;o) ?

It works now, and has worked for a while. There may be occasional
instability in the development sources, but that's part of using
development sources.

Issues dealing with building Cygwin development (CVS) sources belong in
cygwin-developers list, where these issues are discussed and solved.


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