proper terminal type for tcsh under Cygwin?

Steve Kelem
Tue Mar 21 12:14:00 GMT 2000

What's the proper terminal type for running tcsh under Cygwin 1.0?
term=linux doesn't support character insert (type something on the
command line, then move the cursor to the beginning of the line with
C-a, then start typing. The text doesn't move over for the new
characters.) or proper line wrapping (run "ls -l | less". Extra newlines
are displayed.).
term=ansi does better than linux, but doesn't handle move cursor to
beginning of line properly. I have prompt="%S%s%m:kelem:%! ".  If I type
"aC-a" (where C-a is control-a), the cursor properly moves to the
beginning of the line (the character "a"). Similarly, typing "a bC-a"
also works.  However, typing "a b cC-a" moves the cursor to the space
before the "a".

Thanks for your help,
Steve Kelem

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