Cygwin-compatible version of Make with "target-specific" variables

Eric Christopher
Tue Mar 21 10:48:00 GMT 2000

> The version of GNU make with Cygwin B20.1 is apparently 3.75.  Somewhere
> around 3.76 (a "minor" release that had 94 revisions over the span of 9
> months!), "target-specific" variables were implemented.  How difficult would
> it be to get a more recent version of GNU Make for Cygwin, at least which
> includes these features?  I can't find information on the web site about
> revisions of the various packages included with either B20.1 or Cygwin 1.0.

I'm working on a port of all of the cygwin specific make features into
make 3.78.9x right now.  The unfortunate bit is that these patches are a
pain.  However, if you only work in a unix like environment and don't
care about windows paths then the basic unix sources compile and worked
for me under cygwin.


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