command line length problem

Mohan Krishnan
Tue Mar 21 09:53:00 GMT 2000

Hi all:
I hv a makefile on NT with a rule which has a large no. of dependencies and
I am using make.exe which came with cygwin b20.1. I found that make is not
able to handle long command lines. I saw a lot of messages posted in the
cygwin mailing list regarding this problem but no solutions for it. The same
makefile works fine on Unix.
Then I got the source code for make from gnu and built it myself using gcc.
This exe is able to handle long command lines but does not compare
timestamps when executing a rule. It just looks for the presence of the
target. i.e. if target is present then it executes the command otherwise it
does not (even if dependencies have changed)
If you have any solution or if you have a make.exe which can handle long
command lines (and compare timestamps! :)) pl. send it to me.

Here's the rule in my makefile:

dummyfile : *.java
    echo $? > file
    javac @file
    touch dummyfile

I tried the option of using xargs, but it cannot be used here because the $?
expands to a large list and when make launches sh.exe to execute the command
Thing to note here is that the problem is not with sh.exe as the make.exe
that I build using gnu source had no problem


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