Ports library and newbie question

Tony Karakashian tonyk@genbrew.com
Tue Mar 21 06:34:00 GMT 2000

I was wondering if anyone had considered setting up a ports library similar
to what's available for FreeBSD.  For those unfamiliar, the ports library is
basically a collection of scripts and patches that allow one to compile
other *nix source to FreeBSD (for those that require some tweaking of the
code, that is).  Basically, you just run the port, it DLs the source code,
makes the changes and compiles.  I think such a think would be PERFECT for

And now, the newbie question:  My experience with programming is limited to
running make ^ make install under Linux.  I've got a proggie I'd like to try
compiling, but it requires the GTK libraries.  Since they've been ported to
Windows as DLLs, I assume they could be used.  Could someone point me in the
right direction?



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