fork_copy error

Larry Rau
Mon Mar 20 23:13:00 GMT 2000

On win98 se2 with cygwin version:
BASH.EXE-2.02$ uname -a
CYGWIN_98-4.10 POWERPLAY 1.1.0(0.18/3/2) 2000-03-20 00:14:57 i586 unknown

I get the following error during a large make (around 5k files
don't know where it fails.. bunch of javac launches)

0 [main] MAKE 1003 fork_copy: user/cygwin data pass 2 failed, 0x4580000..0
x47E5000, done 0, Win32 error 8
make: vfork: No more processes

Once this occurs if I re-run the make it will process some more
files and then give the same error. Eventually make will just fail
to run anymore compiles (in this case always javac).  The only way
to cure it is to reboot win98.  Exiting all bash shell's is not 
enough.  The rest of win98 appears to function ok (well normal) as
far as I can tell.

Does anyone else experience this?  On smaller makes running gcc I
have not had a problem.  

Is Win2k much more stable for using cygwin?  I've been thinking of
upgrading as I think my main tools will run on win2k: gcc,cygwin,wincvs.


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