PGP, or otherwise
Mon Mar 20 22:28:00 GMT 2000

> >I'm trying.  Haven't got there yet, though.  The first thing to note is
> >that you want to tell it you're on a mingw32 system.

> Why is this?  Given the ctype error you describe below, it sounds like
> need to use a normal cygwin build.

I can't remember by reasoning now but I think it was to stop it
attempting to build the Unix and Linux RNG modules. I've just tried
again, starting with:

./configure --enable-static-rnd=egd --disable-dev-random

This still wants to create rndlinux and rndunix and this won't work.
(BFD has a fit.) I diked them out of the make file. You still need to
fix up the assembler calling in mpi/sysdeps.h

Should be fine after that. Oh, and PGP2.6i was no trouble at all.


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