Open file limit

Michael Hirmke
Mon Mar 20 15:09:00 GMT 2000

Ross Smith [] wrote:

>From: "Chris Faylor" <>
>> When I run it, I see numbers up to 99.  That means that there is no
>> 20 open file limit, AFAICT.  Maybe this is just in recent snapshots.
>It's an NT vs 95/98 issue. The limit is 20 on Win95/98; there's no limit
>on NT/2K (or if there is, it's very high, well over 1000). I don't know
>if there's any way to change the limit on 95/98 (I have a vague
>recollection of there being something you can put in AUTOEXEC.BAT to
>change the limit, but I can't remember the details).

Once upon a time there was a config.sys:


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